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Back to back intense downpours flooded Henryetta Friday.
The first struck in the morning when a 30-minute storm caused flooding on East Main and resulted in runoff that choked a number of streets around town.

Storm drains were unable to handle the pressure and backed up causing several intersections, including Ninth and Main, to look like miniature lakes.
The parking lot at Anchor Glass saw water reach up to the sides of several large trucks.
Coal Creek swiftly rose but receded again once the rains quit.
About the time everyone was breathing a sigh of relief, another rain storm moved in and started the process over again.
This time the waters rose even higher with several homes surrounded by the muddy, churning overflow.
The East Main Street flooding was said to have resulted from a storm drain collapse backing up water. Several vehicles braved the high water without being stuck.
The fire department has sand bags available for local residents who want to set up temporary dykes around their property.
Henryetta wasn't the only area hit by the floods.
Several low-lying areas in Dewar were inundated with some streets blocked off for a time.
Weather observers said over three inches of rain fell in Henryetta within a matter of six hours.
The storms were the latest in a series that have plagued Henryetta and the rest of the state.

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