What should have been a tranquil Sunday morning turned into an exciting event for Henryetta police.
Officers were called on a report of a naked man seen along Warden Camp Road and North Hillcrest.
Upon arrival, officers tried to put the individual into custody but wound up in a brawl that eventually involved some five officers.
Police chief Steve Norman said Paul Truckner refused to comply with officers commands to stop and be arrested. "Officers deployed their tasers several times before they were finally able to wrestle him to the ground," he said.
Truckner was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. Because he was identified as a Native American, he was turned over to Lighthouse officers.
"We believe he was high on drugs and this is a problem we are seeing more of," the police chief said.
"The recent decriminalization of drugs with the passage of SQ 780 is resulting in more of these cases, not just here but across the state."