I am having some difficulty in writing this as I am not able to see very well. My left eye has somewhat blurred vision and there is a hard plastic patch over the right eye . When that eye is open the vision is very blurred. You will have to put up with some mistakes, I am afraid.
So the natural comment you have already made would be, ‚ÄúOK Dummy, do something about it! Go to the doctor or, at minimum, the emergency room."  Normally you would be very correct. This time, however, is different. I have just come from the doctor and he caused all this. I am the beneficiary of some amazing medical advances and some even more amazing health professionals. The doctor (Dr. Goldberg of Tulsa) and his office staff and the complete surgical staff at St. Johns of Tulsa have been outstanding. Oh, I should not omit the admitting staff and the auxiliary people. Every person made me feel like I was important.
For those who do not know, I had cataract surgery in my left eye about a month ago and then cataract surgery in my right eye today.  During my last optometrist appointment I was told my cataracts had reached the point where I needed something done. That is why I ended up here today with blurred vision. Think about it, it was either a irritating two weeks with some restrictions or no vision in a short while. I had taken some painting lessons previously and my one finished painting was certainly up to what I had done, years ago with Charlie as my teacher. Yessir, it was time for a change.
Go back to my grandfather's time and look at the difference (no pun intended). Although cataract surgery is one of the oldest surgeries, I would not have wanted the type that was available until ver recently. The thought of having to go through this procedure in the 1600's - early 1900's without the modern techniques, equipment and sterilization we have today sends shivers up and down my spine. My grandfathers were born in the 1800's and lived most of there lives in the first half of the 1900's. Most people with cataracts accepted very bad vision or went blind.
Now, as Herself and I both have shared in modern technology, we are able to see better and have a better life. Yes, I know, this applies to many, many things but having a doctor take out part of your eye and replace it as a (almost ho hum) matter of routine fact would astound my grandfathers. We left our house at 7:00AM and were home before 11:00AM with me having a new eye. (The traffic and distance between here and the Tulsa hospital made the time longer.
As you know, I get excited by modern things and better ways of doing things. I would have loved to have been able to watch the doctor perform this operation with his super-duper equipment and s staff that anticipated almost every move they should make. It is nearly impossible for me to imagine going inside an individual's eyeball and removing something and replacing that thing and having them see better. I can build a good bee box and a decent goat stand but  just the thought of putting in a new lens is astonishing to me. I, personally. could never reach the skill of Dr. Goldberg so isn't it wonderful that he, and people like him, are available so all of us can benefit.
I know other countries have health programs and medical professionals as good as ours, but I am very glad and thankful we do have them here. Some countries have more advanced techniques in various things but our best professionals try to learn from them. Just as they try to learn from ours. All that type interaction benefits the whole world. Since I like living in this world, I like knowing that doctors keep trying to advance their knowledge.
But getting back to the technique and equipment, the operating room, what little I could see, looked like it made the Starship Enterprise look out of date. There wasn't a great deal of equipment but what there was looked awesome. And now that shall be able to see better, it seems even more awesome.
Then, after having measles about a dozen times, rickets, mumps four or five times, polio, pneumonia, lung collapses, poison ivy so bad I was bed ridden and several other things too numerous to mention, I am glad there are people who care enough about you and me to see that we can be as healthy as science can make us. Here is a shoutout to caring doctors, nurses and their staffs everywhere.