Dear Editor:
On Tuesday, April 6, 2021 the good citizens of Henryetta elected a school board member with only 214 votes. The two candidates received a total of 370 votes. How many of those voters knew anything about either candidate’s position on important school topics?
The Henryettan.Com ran some biographical information on each candidate with no information about how they would address important issues facing our public schools other than wanting “students to be the best they can be,” and “to be of service to the community.” That’s not much to go on to make an informed choice about someone who will be making important decisions concerning the educational/cultural future of our children and grandchildren.
The Henryetta Free Lance wanted to interview each candidate, but could not make contact before the election. I also contacted individuals I knew in both Lions and Rotary, inquiring about hosting either candidate for a Q&A. They thought it was an excellent idea and a needed service to the community, but organizational scheduling would need to start well in advance of the election date.
With leftist, Marxist ideology infecting the curriculum and thinking at all levels of our national educational system, there are questions that all potential (and current) school board members need to address. If I had the opportunity at a public forum, I would have asked the following:

1: What do you know and understand about Critical Race Theory?

2: What do you know about the 1619 project?

3: What do you know about the Black Lives Matter curriculum for elementary school children?

4: How do you understand the terms: Inclusion, Equity and Diversity?

If the response is, “I don’t know anything,” then I would suggest they become informed about these dangerous anti-American political ideologies that are already making inroads into American schools. Understanding these political ideologies is the first step to counter their destructive influence on our children and American culture.
If they do have an understanding of these corrosive anti-American ideologies, and the danger they present to our students, I would ask they make a pledge to the residences of Henryetta that they will be vigilant in keeping these anti-American ideologies out of textbooks, curriculum and teaching materials. It is one thing to discuss different views, but it is another to teach and promote destructive ideologies to impressionable children.
I would hope that the newly seated board member (and current members) will answer these questions. Furthermore, I would suggest that an open forum be provided by some civic organization, be it Lions, Rotary or Chamber of Commerce, to give citizens the opportunity to address all local candidates for elected office as is often provided for state/national offices. Local elected officials hold powerful positions in our community. We deserve to know how they will constitutionally use that power so they can be held accountable.
Alan D. Kerby