A remnant of World War Two cropped up in Henryetta Tuesday evening.
hand grenadeWhile going through the contents of a recently-purchased shed on East Cummings, a man and wife came found a Mark 2 hand grenade. The anti-personnel explosive is commonly called a "pineapple" grenade because of it's exterior texture.
"They did exactly what they should have done," police chief Steve Norman said after getting the call about the device. "No one touched it, and everyone was kept a safe distance away."
Despite its age, the word "FUZE" and ID numbers could still be read on it.
Norman said the OHP bomb squad was called to the scene and the grenade taken away for eventual demolition.
"There was a time when items like these were considered souvenirs and brought home by soldiers in towns across the US," Norman said. "Now there are a lot tighter restrictions by the military that prevents this."
He said that doesn't mean there are no more explosive devices around the county. "I'm sure somewhere hidden away in a barn or shed, someone brought back another one of these."
The pineapple-style grenade was first used in 1918 and quickly became the standard issue for the military. It was phased out in the late 1960s.