Rebecca Hold,
Okemah DAR Chapter Regent and Publicity Chairman
The Okemah Chapter of DAR had a summer gathering at member June Yahola’s ranch on July 20. The ladies caught up on all the news since their meeting in May and enjoyed a walking tacos luncheon. Several members were recognized for their anniversaries of membership. Yvonne Souder will be honored with a 40 year membership certificate, and Merideth Musick with a 30 year membership. Dorothy Burden and D’Andra Musick will receive certificates for 10 years of service.

Our chapter lost three special members this year, and a memorial service was conducted by Chaplain Ann Jackson and Regent Becky Hold to honor their precious memories. Norma White, Thelma Shields, and Virginia Sharpe were memorialized with a candlelight service, and remembered for their many kindnesses and contributions to DAR. We will be missing them and remembering them with fondness in our hearts.
A brief discussion was held concerning plans for the chapter activities for the incoming year. Everyone attending had a great time as there were many smiling faces, hugs, and lots of talk.
The occasion was hosted by the Okemah chapter officers: Becky Hold, Regent; Sheldon Starr, Vice Regent; Judith Drennan Secretary; Ann Jackson, Treasurer; and June Yahola, Registrar. We appreciate June having us at her special house on the ranch that she uses as a sewing center for her friends and neighbors. We have always enjoyed her hospitality! Many thanks to you, sweet June!
Those attending in addition to the hostess officers were Geneva Bertges, Mary June Cashman, Sherrie Case, Velda Jo Bradley, Emma Joyce Haddox, Dru Ann Perrier, Edith Warrington, Carol Musick, and Edith’s special guest, Sallie.
Our first meeting of the incoming year will be Tuesday, September 20, at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah at 11:30. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Daughter of the American Revolution member is welcome to come. Our registrar will be happy to assist you in your application.