hhs 1971

The Henryetta Hens Class of 1971 met this weekend for their 50th reunion. They kicked it off on Friday night at Nichols Park with a weenie roast. There was plenty of hot dogs, chili, potato salad, baked beans, chips, and dessert to go around and also plenty of camaraderie and catching up with one another.
Several members of the class opted to be treated to a bus tour hosted by the Historical Society on Saturday morning with a visit to many historical sites in Henryetta and a drive-by of the old Alma Mater, Henryetta High.
Saturday afternoon the class met at Rustler’s BBQ in the back room. The class enjoyed visiting with friends that they hadn’t seen in 50 years. A quiz was asked about various subjects including, “Who has the Oldest Child”, “Who has the most grandkids”, “Who has had the most body parts replaced”, and “Who traveled the farthest to get here”, which was won by Margie Kern Collette who traveled from Illinois. When asked “Who remembers the “Fight Song” some took off with it and others followed. Some got misty-eyed when they sang the “Alma Mater”. A somber, respectful time followed when Jerry Boswell read the list of so many classmates that had gone on before.
Later that evening, many “dragged Main” and some even brought their vintage cars.
Attending the reunion events were:
Robert Reynolds, Larry Sams, Brent Van Meter, Robert Henderson, Linda Liles Henderson, Steve Ricky Rodriquez, Carl Tony Collett, James Blades, Anne V Locke Boswell, Jerry Boswell, Jimmy James Boerstler, Billy BJ Jonn Conatser, Colin Rocky Rae, David Cave, Steve Saunders, Beth Waugh Makibbin, Debbie Dickey Cline, Cindy Vercelli Tyler, Charlotte Painter, Margie Kern, Juan JW Wilson, Tommy Bryan, Sammy Kelch, Kathy Gibson and Randall Holmes.
Several members of the 1972 HHS graduating class were also present for the activities. They included: Larry Stogner, Larry Truesdell, Connie McClung and Marsha Henderson Mitcham, a graduate of the 1972 Wilson class.