beauty cast

The cast has been selected for the “Beauty and the Beast” musical that will be presented May 19-22..
High school students spent two days auditioning with singing and dancing abilities tested.
Making up the cast are: Belle, Mabrey Been, Beast, Ethan Green, Gaston, Cavern Foster, Mrs. Potts, Shelby Kilhoffer, Lumber, Xander Lollis, Cogsworth, Jayson Scott, Maurice, James Whitney, Madame Del La Gand Bouche, Ruthy Turner, Babette, Emma Thompson, LeFou, Sheldon Andrews, Chip, Brittyn Williams, Monsieur D’Arque, Dalton Pemberton, Les Filled De La Ville, Shannon Corkerin, Katie DeBock, Kenzie Gillin and Kinley Williams.
Ensemble members include Addy Chavez, Maray Cummings, Abbi Dodge, James George, Aggie Gillin, Hunter Gobin, Ethan Goodner, Chelsea Harjo, Connor King, Braden Lollis, Reagan Mrdecai, Zane Stevens, Rylee White and Hulleah Wincle.
Performing the technical needs are Lucas Thompson, Raychel Morris, Graci Lollis, Mattie Howell, Chloeee Howard, Chris Hodge, Paige Huddleston, Stephen Gouge, Alyssa Dickey, Jasmine Cantrell, Bishop Berryhill and Rylee Allen.
Liz Bealko will be directing the musical that will be presented at the high school auditorium.