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The Troy Aikman Drive around the Henryetta middle and high school complex is going to be a smoother travel.road work
Monday morning the process of resurfacing the roadway started with a bid opening for a three-inch asphalt surface from Warren Road, around the school and down the hill to the intersection with West Gentry. That would give the school a roadway 25 feet wide and 4,000 feet in length. Also to see repairs would be the parking area in front of the bus barn.
Four bidders sought the job with prices ranging from $314,390 to $208,380.
Those bids were brought before school board members Monday night but no decision reached.
The lowest bid was from H&G Asphalt in Muskogee for $208,380.53. J.T. Boynton, architect for the project, said the bid was for 1,500 tons of asphalt to be laid down.
Second lowest was $292,050 from Tulsa-based TRW Enterprises. Conversations between that company and school officials said the bid included lane striping as well as repairing bad areas before the asphalt would be placed.
“I would be cautious on the lower bid,” said school board president James Williams. That would see a bunch of change orders.”
Board members decided to have Boynton contact both H&G and TRW to get more information about their bids. “The board can award the contract to the lowest responsible bid,” he said.
Boynton will be meeting with both companies and get a more complete scope of their proposed work.
He will bring that back to the school board at a special meeting Oct. 21 to discuss the project.
“We want to get it done quickly,” said superintendent Dwayne Noble. “Weather is going to be an issue.”

The photo shows the road
that would get a new three-
inch asphalt overlay .
Currently the road is filled
with potholes and gravel.