There’s new royalty in Henryetta.
Prior to the football game with Okemah, Ethan Green was named 2022 All School Homecoming King and Mabrey Been crowed as Queen. Green is the son of Buddy and Michelle Green and Been is the daughter of Justin and Stacy Been.
The coronation was held with representatives from the high school classes and organizations on hand before a grandstand filled to capacity with relatives and friends.
It followed a pep rally Thursday night at the high school gym that included a special pre-recorded message from HHS alum Troy Aikman. He talked about the Highway to Henryetta festival earlier this year and urged the Knight to make a good showing in the game the following night.
Melissa Williams was on hand to announce the school would receive $17,500 from the festival and called the leaders of those classes and departments to be recognized.
Making up the attendants and organization representatives were:
Freshman attendants: Nathan Nail and Stormi Waguie
Nathan is the son of Kylie and Autumn Nail. Nathan has been in football I year track 1 year, drama 1 year, and Law team 1 year. Nathan plans to go to Kent State College and be a part of winning a national championship in football.
Stormi is the daughter of Heather Berry and the late Jason Waquie. She has been in cheer 1 year, track 1 year, and FFA 1 year. She plans to attend college, but her plans as to what career is undecided.
Sophomore attendants: Jacob Nail and Emma Thompson
Jacob is the son of Kiley and Autumn Nail. Jacob has been in Basketball for 2 years, Golf for 2 years, drama for 1 year. He plans to graduate high school, attend a university, move to Dallas, start a family, have 2 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat.
Emma is the daughter of Travis and Sarah Thompson. She has been in Tennis for 2 years, drama for 2 years, choir for 1 year. Her future plans are to attend OU Medical School and have some kind of medical career even though I'm not sure exactly which one I want! I want to get married, move to Dallas, live in a house with a big closet, start and family, have 2 kids, 3 dogs, and 1 cat.
Junior Attendants: Seth Kinslow and Shannan Corkerin
Seth is the son of Shanna Anderson and Eric Kinslow. He has been in football 3 years and basketball 3 years. Seth wants to get a degree in business and his D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and open up my own veterinarian clinic.
Shannan is the daughter of Billie Corkerin and Shannon Corkerin. Shannan has been in theatre 2 years and cheer 2 years. One of her new favorite activities is her communications class. For the future, she wants to be an anesthesiologist. If that doesn't work out, she wants to own a Slim Jim factory so that my friends, Aubrey and Mabrey will have unlimited beef sticks for life. I hope to have a family of my own but as long as they aren't gingers because I know the struggles and I would hate that for them.
Senior attendants: Chris Hodge and Abiegail Armstrong
Chris is the son of Kendal and Bea Hodge ("B"). He has spent 4 years in band, 2 years in baseball, 1 year in football, and 1 year in drama. Chris plans to go to OSU and major in applied exercise science.
Abiegail is the daughter of Billie Armstrong and Michael Rock. She has been in cheer 2 years and law team 2 years. She plans to make money and have a lot of animals instead of kids.
Representing Choir: Cavryn Foster and Matilyn Bailey
Cavryn is the son of Brad and Lela Foster. He has been in Drama 3 years, Choir 3 years, Band 2 years, Golf 3 years, and communications 3 years. After Cavryn graduates, he plans to do something in music or the medical field.
Matilyn is the daughter of Rebekah Bailey. She participates in Advanced Honor Choir. Matilyn plans to get her LPN at Green Country, live a happy life and stay close to all my friends and family. She also would like to give a shout out to my mom for always being there and everyone else that made it possible to be there for me, love you big time guys!
Representing Cross Country: Xander Lollis and Kenleigh Kaler
Xander is the son of Adam and Courtney Lollis. He has been in Cross Country 3 years, Track 3 years, Theatre 3 years, Band 5 years, Choir 1 year, Student Council 2 years, NHS 2 years, Academic Team 2 years. He plans to To start my own video game production company and keep getting cooler.
Kenleigh is the daughter of Will and Nikki Kaler. She has been in Cross Country 2 years and Track 2 years. Kenleigh plans to attend a 4 year college and continue running at the college level, to work on a career in petite modeling and marry a hot professional athlete and have a cute family.
Representing Track is Blake Wynne and McKayla Greenhaw
Blake is the son of Michael and Audrey Wynne. He has been in Track 4 years, Cross country 3 years, and Cheer 3 years. He plans to graduate high school, Go to college to run track, After he takes this track thing as far as he can take it. He will graduate college, start a career, settle down and start a family and live life till I can't.
McKayla is the daughter of Jon and Felicia Greenhaw. She has been in Fastpitch 3 years, Slowpitch 3 years, Basketball 3 years, Track 3 years, Cheer 2 years. She plans to play college softball and pursue and degree in the medical field.
Representing FFA is Caylor Thomas and Kirstin Espinosa
Caylor is the son of Casey Thomas and Jaylaina Rampenthal. He has been in FFA 2 years, 1 year as an officer, and 1 year of baseball. Caylor plans on going to OSUIT to get a business degree in accounting and a real estate degree, stay home and start the good life in town with a couple dogs and my beautiful wife.
Kirstin is the daughter of Alex and Amanda Flatt. She has been in FFA 5 years, Cheer 4 years, NHS 2 years, Archery 2 years. Kirstin plans to get a good job and stay close to home.
Representing Football is Ethan Green and Tristan Bowdler
Ethan is the son of Buddy and Michelle Green. He has been in Football - 4 years, Powerlifting - 4 years, Track - 3 years, Drama - 4 years, Student Council - 1 year. Ethan plans to hopefully go play football at a university somewhere and study to become a physical therapist. He would also love to maybe pursue a degree in acting.
Tristan is the daughter of Amanda Bowdler. She has been a football and basketball trainer for 4 years. Tristan is unsure of her future plans, but one thing she knows for sure... make bank.
Representing Powerlifting is Bradley Dodson and Nevaeh Hernandez.
Bradley is the son of Rachel and Bryan Dodson. He been in golf for 2 years, Power lifting for 2 years, and Academic team for 2 years. I plan on attending OSU Stillwater and becoming an Endocrinologist so that I can help other Type 1 diabetics.
Nevaeh is the daughter of Debra Martinez and Brittany Martinez. She has been in powerlifting for two years and cheer 1 year. She plans to go to work with her parents my first semester of college to have a place of work while I go to college to be an ultrasound technician right after high school.
Also representing Powerlifting and Golf is Issac McNac and Breea Stockholm
Issac is the son of Eric and Jessica McNac. He has been in football 4 years, powerlifting 3 years, wrestling 4 years, track 2 years, and baseball 1 year. Issac plans to go to college, make bank, get married, and start a family.
Breea is the daughter of Brad and Sarah Stockholm. She has been in band 3 years and golf 2 years. She plans to earn her bachelor's and doctoral degree and become a pediatric physical therapist.
Representing NHS is Ethan Goodner and Katie Davis
Ethan  is the son of Laura and Steven Goodner. He has been in cross country 4 years, drama 4 years, NHS 2 years & track 4 years. After graduation, Ethan plans on getting his master's in accounting.
Katie is the daughter of Jeremy and Tara Davis. She has been in Tennis 4 years, band 4 years, NHS 2 years, and student council 2 years. She plans to go to college and get a degree in education.
Representing Theatre is Sheldon Andrews and Mabrey Been 
Sheldon is the son of Jennifer and Brandon Andrews. He has been in Tennis 4 years, Choir 4 years, and Drama 4 years. Sheldon plans to go to college and major in worship ministry.
Mabrey is the daughter of Justin and Stacy Been. She has been in theatre for 4 years, Golf for 4 years, Cheer for 3 years, NHS for 2 years, Student Council for 2 years. Mabrey plans to attend UCO to pursue a degree in graphic design or marketing, 
Representing Tennis is Ethan Lovell and Andrea Wade 
Ethan is the son of Cassandra and Jason Smith and Andrew Lovell. He has been in tennis for 4 years. Ethan plans to attend college to pursue a business degree.
Andrea is the daughter of Tracy and Jimmie Knobloch. She has been in tennis for 4 years and NHS for 2 years. Andrea plans to attend college and get my-RN.
Representing Wrestling is Andrew Walker and Lily Haywood
Andrew is the son of Bart and April Walker. He has been in wrestling 4 years. After high school, Andrew plans to attend college but his career path is undecided.
Lily is the daughter of Tabitha and Kenny Paxton & late Andrew Haywood. She has been in wrestling at Henryetta for 1 year. Her future plans include earning a scholarship for wrestling and to finish my wrestling career in college and to go into sports medicine.
Representing Yearbook is Logan Jones and Paige Huddleston
Logan is the son of Siemona Stevens. He has been in yearbook for 1 year and band 2 years. Logan plans to earn her degree in Informational Technologies at OSU-IT.
Paige Huddleston is the daughter of Rebecca Thomas and Chad Huddleston. She has been in yearbook 2 years, Drama 2 year, choir 1 year, and color guard 1 year. She plans to go to college to be financially successful, be happy, and one day, own a pet raccoon.
Representing Law Team is James Whitney and Kynzie Gillin.
James is the son of Morelba Lewis and the late James Whitney. He has been in Mock Trial 3 years, Powerlifting 2 years, and Drama 3 years. James plans to Earn a law degree and become a well-established and well-liked esquire.
Kynzie is the daughter of Scott and Cheryl Gillin. She has been in Cheer 3 yrs, Law team 3 yrs, Cross country 2 yrs, Track 2 yrs, H-town theatre 3yrs, Student council 2 yrs. Kynzie wants to go to college and get a job with fashion designing and make my own brand, go to Italy and Greece and live my life to the fullest. And hopefully marry rich!
Representing Band is Lucas Thompson and Rylee White.
Lucas is the son of Jennifer Thompson and Carlos Villanueva. Lucas has been the marching band 5 years, fishing team 4 years, drama 1 year, golf 1 year, and is a senior class officer. He plans to Attend OSU IT for Diesel Mechanics and stay out of debt.
Rylee is the niece of Jenna and Geebon Gouge and daughter of Bonnie Rider and Ross White. Yearbook 1 yr, law team 1 yr, jr class officer, drama 3 years and a color guard member for 2 years and a color guard captain for another 2 years. Future plans are to help others and to be genuinely happy.
Representing Baseball and Softball is Austin Palmer and Skylar Morris.
Austin is the son of Dirk and Renee Palmer. He has been in baseball 4 years, basketball 4 years, FFA 4 years, and NHS 2 years. After high school, Austin plans to obtain a technical degree in Electrical Engineering.
Skylar is the daughter of Crystal and Jake Stapp and Dusty Morris. Skylar has been in Fastpitch softball 4 years, Slowpitch softball 2 years, golf 2 years, and cheer 1 year. She would love to attend the University of Oklahoma to earn her degree somewhere in the medical field.
Representing Basketball is Jordan Short and Brooklyn Baughman.
Jordan is the son of Matt and Sherri Duke. He has been in basketball 4 years and track for 2 years. He plans to study Radiology Science and become a MRI tech and make bank.
Brooklyn is the daughter of Kendall Williams and Brian Baughman. She has played Fast pitch softball 4 years, Bas etball 4 years, and Slow pitch softball 4 years. Brooklyn wants to further my school education and become a traveling nurse and if I get any sport scholarships I will go and play during college.
Representing Cheer is Zalen Henderson and Alexia Aldridge.
Zalen is the son of Erin Marie Henderson and Grant Chacone. He has been in baseball 4 years, football 3 years, and cheer 3 years. Zalen plans to attend OSUIT to become a lineman.
Alexia is the daughter of Mick and Beth Stanton. She has cheered for 3 years and attends Green Country Cosmetology Program. After high school she plans to work in a salon and then eventy open one of her own in a bigger city, she would love to make enough money to travel around the world then get married and start her own lovely family.
Crown Bearer is Asher Morris
Asher is the son of Andrew and Claire Dudley. Asher has been in wrestling two years and football 1 year. Asher loves gaming and hanging with his buds. When Asher grows up he wants to be a cop!
Flower Girl Kooper Hargis:
Kooper is the daughter of Kevin and Kristin Hargis. Kooper has been in tumbling 4 years, joined the competitive tumbling team this year, and she has waited her whole life to finally be an official 1st grade cheerleader and her time has finally come. Kooper enjoys peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, hanging out with her friends, and of course Doing to TikToks with mom.

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