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house demo

Much to the delight of neighbors, demolition started on a trio of houses on East Smith Street Thursday morning. One of the neighbors said the vacant house pictured above had become a haven for drug use with traffic stopping there day and night.
The three houses are some of nine structures around town that will be torn down in the coming days. In August Henryetta city council members approved spending over $100,000 for american Demolition to come in and remove the buildings.
The cost of demolition will be passed on to property owners in the form of a lien that would have to be paid when the property is sold.
The properties and costs to remove each of them include: 
105 East Smith, $16,884
110 East Smith, $16,496
112 East Smith, $10,099
708 East Genevieve, $9,920
309 East Lewis $6,128
1201 West Division, $14,514
205 West Cummings, $8,653
907 West Moore, $11,372
912 West Moore, $11,661