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Henryetta’s sales tax was on the plus side but only slightly when the Oklahoma Tax Commission sent out the monthly sales tax checks.
This month the town received $252,593, just $2,044 above the $250,548 a year ago.
At the same time, the use tax return to the town amounted to $24,658.90, a drop of $9,309 from the $33,968 a year ago.
That slight increase was the seventh recorded for the current fiscal year and the third since January. So far in the 2022-23 fiscal year, the town has received $2,668,250 in sales tax revenue. That is still $170,976 above the sales tax returns at the same time last year.
Dewar also reported a gain in sales tax receipts. The town received $16,582.57 this March compared to $14,566.56 a year ago.
Around the area, three towns reported losses while five others besides Henryetta had increases.
The county sales tax return amounted to $459,416.64 this month, an increase of $20,422 from a year ago.
Statewide, $179,233,891 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $15,948,389 from the $163,285,502 distributed to them in March last year.

 Town  2023  2022  Gain/Loss
Henryetta $252,593.25 $250,548.56 $2,044.69
Dewar $16,582.57 $14,566.56 $2,016.01
Beggs $48,465.49 $51,559.54 -$3,094.05
Checotah $359,999.56 $345,363.82 $14,635.74
Eufaula $192,395.76 $183,952.75 $8,443.01
Morris $25,519.15 $30,723.50 -$5,204.35
Okmulgee $601,371.67 $595,571.07 $5,800.60
Okemah $112,489.69 $104,272.54 $8,217.15
Weleetka $19,112.60 $20,721.60 -$1,609