Three Henryetta city council seats will be up for election April 6, 2021.
At the December council meeting, the election notice was approved with the wards 3 and 4 and counselor at large positions declared open for filing.
Currently Janna Dugan is the ward 3 councilmember, Jennifer Munholland is ward 4 incumbent and Michael Dickey fills the at large spot. He was appointed to that council seat last April.
The filing period for city council starts Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 and will end at 5 p.m., Feb. 3. To be eligible for the wards 3 and 4 spots, a person must live within the ward boundaries. The At Large position is open to anyone living within the Henryetta city limits.
At the Monday meeting, council members approved a $98,371.30 bid to replace a sewer line on Warren Road. The project has been several years in the works. “We have a lot of old sewer lines in town,” said Munholland.
Also gaining approval was $14,929 to purchase a mixer for the water department. The city currently only has one mixer but is required to have a second one as backup. “We can’t order these overnight,” Munholland said.
Another large payment, this $13,450 to Centerpoint Landfill was approved by the council. That covers the monthly trash service by the city. Rates to the city went up two years ago resulting in an increase to local resident. Four years ago in December the city was charged $9,300. Over the past 12 months, the city has spent $164,400.
Issues with water meter reading were brought up following receipt of a letter from a city resident complaining about a higher water bill.
City clerk/interim city manager Donna White said meters are read every month unless the person charged with that task is pulled off to help with another issue. “Our policy allows reading meters every other month in some cases then estimating the bill,” she said.
Munholland told the council a long term goal is to purchase electronic meters that can be read by a person driving by the meters instead of opening each meter site. She said those meters are expensive and the city has budgeted $25,000 to pay for them. Those new meters are installed when old meters go bad. About 25 percent of the meters have been replaced.
City officials are working with engineers to determine what repairs need to be done to the spillway at Henryetta lake. A number of pipes within the concrete and earthen spillways have corroded over the years and need to be replaced. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board has been brought into the discussion about the repairs.
Counselor Dugan asked if an issue with loose dogs has been addressed.
“We are picking up dogs,” said police chief Steve Norman. He said the city spends about $1,000 each month with dogs being transported to a no-kill shelter in Pittsburg County. “We may need to come up with new ordinances,” said councilor Dickey.
“We don’t have a dog problem, we have a dog ownership problem,” Norman said. “How many people have come into city hall to get tags,” he asked.
Council members agreed to allow Trampas and Sherry Parker to use Nichols Park for their vintage motorcycle races next year.
Over 600 racers attended the race in November and Munhollad pointed out the increase in sales tax revenue was due in part to that event. 
The early request was made to allow the Parkers ample time to advertise the upcoming event.