A new aggravation is striking residents on rural mail routes south of Henryetta.
mail 2In recent days there have been reports of explosive devices placed in mailboxes resulting in some receiving minimal damage while others have been completely destroyed.
Postal authorities are warning the vandals that the thrills they are seeking can result in a hefty fine up to $250,000 for each incident as well as three years in federal prison.
Those mailboxes are protected by federal law and such acts is considered a federal offense.
In addition to the penalties from the United States Postal Service, any explosive device in a mailbox can also fall under the laws from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms division with even more penalties being added.
USPS officials said the damaged mailboxes have to be replaced at the cost to the owner and, until those mail boxes are replaced, mail cannot be delivered.
This spate of vandalism is the most recent problem facing residents in the southern part of Okmulgee County.mail 1
During the past month, several grass fires have been set along roadsides, mostly at night. They have been contained without much damage but, because grass and weeds are at their driest now, those fires can quickly spread and get out of control.
Local residents say they have seen vehicles believed to be driven by the responsible parties in each case and have given those descriptions to the sheriff's office. 
Mail box owners who have their boxes damaged or mail stolen are being urged to contact the USPS at 1-800-275-8777 or file a complaint online.