For the third time this year, Henryetta reported a decline in sales tax revenue.
The July distribution from the state amounted to $259,823 this year, a drop of $15,590 from the same period a year ago.
Even with the drop, the July 2021 total was still ahead revenues received in 15 out of the past 16 years.
While retail sales were down, the use check from the state saw a $1,300 increase to $27,871 from a year ago.
Around the area, five communities out of seven showed increases for the month.
The largest was Okmulgee with a check for $632,727 compared to $617,269 a year ago.
Returns represent sales from May 16 to 31 and estimated sales from June 1 to June 15.
The disbursement of $180,270,874 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $17,948,287 from the $162,322,587 distributed to the cities and towns in June last year. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $25,963,052.

Sales tax returns for area communities:

  2021 2020
Beggs $35,889 $36,399
Checotah $452,016 $450,118
Dewar $15,466 $13,674
Dustin $2,875.65 $9,963
Eufaula $220,766 $215,338
Morris $24,479 $24,575
Okemah $164,666 $107,910
Weleetka $18,750 $23,325