chelsea headingAs I was sitting all alone, by myself, with no one, waiting for my hamburger at Smashburgers, a young lady slipped quietly up and asked to sit with me. Knowing I still had the power to attract , I decided I could use some company and would make her keep her distance. You may ask, and rightly so, what was I doing being all by myself in an eating place at supper time. Wellsir, that is only a little bit of the story but let me explain and, you must promise, not to feel too bad about my condition of that evening.
You know that feeling you get sometimes when you know something is wrong but can’t place what it is. Wellsir, that happened to me recently but, being extremely intelligent, I figured it out, I was hungry. I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten for a long time and there wasn’t anybody making any preparations to alleviate my discomfort. Actually, I was home alone and somehow remembered I had been since morning. OK! I have had my nap now where is my supper? Wait a minute! Surely I am not expected to do that cooking thing. Have you ever had to do that? Man, it is the worst.
First you have to find something that will turn into food if you stick it in a hot place like an oven. Or sometimes herself stands and stirs stuff (I try not to offer too many suggestions as she gets a bit put off and all I am doing is trying to keep her from making too many mistakes.) But since she went off on a lark and did not leave but six or so things that were microwaveable, I decided to handle the situation by myself. Right, I had my cell phone and could look up her number somewhere (??) and find out what I was supposed to eat but I decided to take the high road and do my own supper. Yes, a long time had passed as I was exploring the kitchen. Hey, that is a pretty fascinating place and I saw several things I may need when working my bees. If herself is not going to use them all the time and go running around, I might as well get some use out of these ceramic crystal bowls.
So, having carried through on my threat, I found myself in Smashburger and ordered my burger to go. That is when this young lady came and sat with me. OK, OK, I will admit that the place is small and was crowded. There was very little room to stand and she didn’t want to take up a table while waiting. I am too old and was too tired to stand and I certainly wouldn’t mind sharing as I was leaving ASAP.
As we chatted, I found she was a wedding planner which is very interesting to me. As many USA weddings hardly last past the honeymoon stage, I wonder about all the money and preparations spent on the ceremony. But then I suppose I am a cynic. She was very excited about her work and I always admire that. So, I asked her a question I knew she didn’t get very often, “What is the worst thing that has happened to you in your business.” Her eyes widened and she took a few seconds to catch her breath.
She said she couldn’t think of THE worst thing but one thing was very bad. After all the preparations and planning, at the reception--- (ready?)-- the stand that was holding the wedding cake collapsed and the cake fell onto the floor. She said that may not qualify as THE worst thing but it was certainly bad. “And there was no “cutting of the cake, “ she laughed. She then went on, “But some people ate some of the cake anyway.”
It would appear that some of the guests at this celebration took things into their own hands to turn a seemingly very bad situation into a memory that would cause a smile. The people there could always and forever share a bond of something that seemed dreadful at the time caused a spontaneous outpouring of mirth and merriment. Nossir, I do not intend to make light of the situation as it undoubtably was a heart stopping moment for many. But on a larger scale, it may have been something for the bride and her mother to cry about but others kept it from becoming the “bell of doom.”
Many times when we think things could not possibly get worse, the figurative sun comes out and puts things into perspective. Keep that in mind the next time you experience something you think is very bad. Now it is something you can look on and say, “At least the cake didn’t fall.”