There are some aspects of modern life that are as irritating as people talking out loud in a movie.If you have ever gone to a movie you really wanted to see and then had to listen to a conversation you didn't want to hear, you know what I mean. There are many other irritating things but let me tell you one that I promised myself and the muse of theater that it would not happen again. We had gone to a movie with friends in mid-afternoon to avoid crowds. The movie started and all were enjoying it - and- the theater was mostly empty and no one near us.
Yep! a family of “large" people came in and sat directly behind us. They talked out loud but not too bad. Then “her" telephone rang or twittered or sung and she answered it and started a conversation that lasted throughout the movie. For whatever reason, we sat there like a group of doofuses (doofi?) and never moved. I gave the person some hard looks and got an elbow in the ribs to remind me to be polite. So, as a 70+ year movie buff I have taken an oath to never let it happen again.
Yessir, I was angry at myself for allowing that but I recently made a worse mistake. This recitation is in the form of disseminating information so you will not make the dumb mistake I made. I was switched from Dragon Naturally Speaking customer service to computer tech company to fix my problem with Dragon. As some one once said, “Well, DUH!" It was late at night, I was totally frustrated and missed the con that happened. It caused a big fight between me and the company until a manager got on and we negotiated. I ended up with a year's service for the price of a one shot deal. Then I spent a long time with bitter texts back and forth and got him to change my computer service to my main computer.
JUst recently it developed a problem and I called. After about an hour the tech said my problem was solved and I checked it. Good! It worked. That is, until we signed off and now it is as bad as ever. Finding an hour or so to sit and watch someone in India inside your computer doing strange things that don't work becomes more than a little irritating. Again, I am telling you this so you won't make the mistake I made.  I used to promote Dragon Naturally Speaking, especially to people who have some problem with arthritic fingers, but no more. If one has to pay another fee to fix a problem caused by their product, to me that is very close to fraud.
But even if you do not have to deal with a quasi-competent computer company, you will drive or ride in traffic. Here in the Tulsa area we have several signs suggesting a good speed to drive as you travel around the city and its connected suburbs. The 40MPH signs on east 71st Street which turns into Kenosha in Broken Arrow, should have smiley faces painted on them. In the mornings if one is headed east (for instance if one's doctor appointment is way out east) one should allow an extra 15 minutes. Traffic moves along about turtle minus seven speed. In the afternoon, going both east and west, it is ‚Äúhold on to your hat, cowboy, we are in for a ride."  Most of the time one does not have to be polite and let another car change lanes, they will change anyway and if your brakes are good enough there will not be a collision.
Several days ago on Facebook the subject of “draggin' Main" was mentioned. Yessir, we used to do that often and it hardly ever got boring. One evening I know the driver put a little over 100 miles on his dad's car and thought he would be in trouble when his dad checked. I don't think his dad checked as he was alive and well the next day. More than once we decided not to spend the evening “draggin' “ and drove to Tulsa which was 60 miles away. Woohoo! Big Night! Except, after we got there all full of vim and vigor, there was really nothing to do except drag around Tulsa downtown. Not really what we had in mind, that is IF we had a mind. It may not be irritating that the days of personal contact while driving are over, but it still feels almost wrong.
So, now you have been warned of movie ruiners, an ‚Äúalmost" scam, how not to drive in Tulsa area and what was once but shall never be again. My work is finished here, you are now on your own.