Henryetta’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program has been awarded a $4,985 grant from the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB).
The money will be used to purchase class materials that will give students hands on learning in a variety of subjects ranging from green technology to prosthetics to flying.
This is just the latest in STEM grant money awarded to Henryetta schools in recent years. “Because we have a dedicated STEM building, it has helped us get those grants,” said Superintendent environ houseDwayne Noble. The new STEM building was completed this past year and is being used for everything from science to computers.
Henryetta started the STEM program in the elementary grades for three years then added it to the middle school curriculum. This year it is now at the high school level. “I thought it would take five years to get to the high school level and we have done it in four,” he added. Nobel said a second STEM program will be offered to high students in two years.
In the middle school, students are now being introduced to green technology. They are busy building models of environmentally-friendly houses. The seventh and eighth grade students are learning robotics and several other engineering projects.
The latest grant is part of $2 million available statewide by OERB. School districts were eligible for a share of the funds based on enrollment and percentage of low income students. The money can go to anything STEM-related the district needs.
In Henryetta, that money will be used to buy classroom materials and equipment.