A half-century ago in May, 1968, Henryetta high school produced a large group of graduates. Saturday saw a number of those graduates gathering for a reunion. They started at Shoney’s for breakfast then went to the high school for a look back in time as a slide show featuring photos from their yearbook and other momentos were presented by classmate Kent Lackey.
The alums settled down for supper that evening at the Masonic Lodge then relived the old days by dragging Main.
Among those attending were: Chipper Key, Kent Lackey, Sharon Lollie, Dwight Rhodes, Marianne Stephens, Mike Tipton, Danny Tourett, Jim Wheeler, Kay Woodliff, James Shepard, Don Owens, Bill Akins, Peggy Boerstler, Bobby Brookey, Shirley Campbell, Phyllis Carter, Patricia Clifford, Marie Crandell, Beverly Cummings, Don Cunningham, Nancy Davidson, Dianne Douglas, Jimmy Emberson, Phillip Evington, Gaitha Griffith, Bruce Harjo, Jackie Jameson, James Barnett and Mike Jameson.