The Henryetta school board hired 11 people and accepted five resignations Monday night at the June meeting.
Hired were:
Adrian Collett as elementary para professional; Casey Sims and Jenny Huckabay as two third grade teachers; Nichole Story to teach fourth grade; Linda Greenfield as assistant/teacher’s aid for the three-year-old program; Rachel Sweeden as elementary music teacher; Dorothy Walker, middle school match teacher; Kaley Dodge to teach middle school science, Tiffany Padgett as high school cook and Mary Hart and Oscar Davis as custodians.
Resignations were accepted from Sheri Freeman, Amria Davis, Sami Craig, Laramie Goodwin and Dirk Walden.
Henryetta resident Alan Kirby told board members he has been getting support for emergency trauma kits to be placed in the school.
In recent weeks he has spoken to both Lions and Rotary clubs and is trying to get the kits available to teachers in the event of emergencies ranging from shootings to CPR.
The kits would be of different sizes, one complete with tourniquets, gloves and seals to be placed on the chest in the event of a gunshot. The smaller kit would only have bandages.
Board president Jame Williams reminded him that any donations to the school or fundraising efforts in behalf of the school would have to be coordinated with a special fund account.
Kirby pointed out training would be required for the school staff members. That training will have to be coordinated with the in-service schedule for teachers in the coming school year.