A Henryetta man was arrested Wednesday afternoon after police officers had to fight him on Main Street.
brutonChristopher Allen Bruton, 47, was a passenger in a pickup that had been stopped by police officer Joey Trujillo for a traffic offense.
“He (Bruton) had an outstanding warrant from Okmulgee County and was told to get out of the vehicle,” said police chief Steve Norman. “When he did, he had a pair of scissors in his hand. Officer Trujillo told him to drop the scissors and, when he didn’t, the officer knocked them out of his hand.”
That apparently sparked the fight with both Bruton and Trujillo on the ground. Chief Norman was present and assisted in subduing Bruton.
He was taken to the Henryetta jail then transported to the Okmulgee County jail where he was booked in on complaints of resisting arrest and the outstanding warrant.
During the altercation, Trujillo’s pistol belt was damaged but he did not lose control of his pistol.
The driver of the pickup was given a traffic citation and sent on his way.