An observant Okmulgee County deputy may have put an end to a chop shop operation Saturday.
shannon bondDeputy Ethan Mulkey was patrolling in the Hectorville area when he said he saw suspicious activity off Buchanan Road.
When he investigated, he found five stolen vehicles from the Tulsa and Glenpool areas.
One of those vehicles, a 2018 GMC Sierra was said to have already been taken apart, cut up with the cab being the only part left.danielle bond
Arrested was 32-year-old Shannon Bond and Danielle Bond, 31. Both were booked into the Okmulgee County jail. He is facing five complaints of possession of a stolen motor vehicle as well as operating a chop shop, transporting a vehicle to a chop shop and possession of meth. She was jailed for obstructing a peace officer, attempting to destroy evidence and attempting to escape form arrest.