chelsea headingRecently, Herself and I took a small trip to Europe. It was a very good trip with mostly college students and a few adults. We walked across Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
OK, maybe not all the way but it felt like it. Fortunately, we had enough warning that we attempted to get our “walking legs” in order.
There are so many things to see and places to visit that traveling in a tour bus or an automobile, looking out the window, is just not adequate. We walked miles every day.
OK, kilometers as we were in Europe where distances are different. It still seemed like miles. And no, it wasn’t bad because we were in good company and we wanted to be there.
One of the best-things-ever happened on our last afternoon. It still seems unreal so I better explain.
Herself, Jerm and I skipped the tour of Heidelberg castle and walked all around the city central. (Oh, I got to talk to a beekeeper lady who was selling honey & bee products.) We kept seeing this group of young ladies who were having way too much fun. One had on a bridal tiara which we assumed was a prop. When we got to the designated meeting place, they were there singing. Kids making music, what a great way to end our tour. I stood there entranced.
They were led by the bridal girl and were singing A Capella, without written music and with no set program, plus! they sang in unaccented English.. They were singing for the joy of singing. Good? That doesn’t come close. The leader would start a song and everyone would join without missing a beat.sing group
They did an A Capella “Amazing Grace” that equaled any version I have ever heard. To use a common expression, I was blown away! I have directed, played it in band, sung it in a choir, heard it done by professionals, but (again), I have never heard it done better.
Two pretty girls were standing next to me (strange how that happened.) I One had a camera and, of course, was taking shots of the group. I asked, “Do you speak English?” Looking at me like, “Old man, you have got to be kidding, “ she answered “Yes” and, yes, I felt dumb. Then another DUH on my part. “Are you with this group?”
Being very polite, she merely said she was and I started telling her some of my music resume and my great feelings about how good the group sang. I asked her to please tell the group. When the group quit, she told them. To my delighted surprise, they surrounded me and machine-gunned questions and had me repeat several times that I was serious. During this, I had to tell them why I was there and who I was with. I pointed to Herself who was sitting on a bench several meters away with other tour members. I told the girls they should go sing for her. They got very excited, delighted and were over there within seconds.
After fifty or so, “What can we sing?,” I had them do one they had done called “Happy Days.” Not the TV show, but a religious tune. They immediately started and I tapped Herself on the shoulder and said, “This is for you!”
After the song, there was more happiness, questions, giggles, laughter and great feelings. I gave one my email address to send the video one was making with her phone. I haven’t gotten that but I did hear from the camera girl. She sent some great pictures of all those beautiful girls and even me. The bridal girl was getting married in a week.
I wish there was a way to get that group over here to show that young people are not the end of the world but a great beginning. They could sing in many churches and raise spirits all over wherever they went. But, alas, retired teachers cannot pull that off. You all are missing a great thing.
Yessir, I am back to writing and furthermore. If you like it, write and tell me. If you don’t, write and tell me why and maybe I can change. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.