chelsea headingNot very long ago John Oliver repeated a study from a knowledgeable source stating there would be a dramatic increase In “Robo” calls. The source said there would be an increase of 30,000 calls. Wellsir, I definitely believe that as I have had 10,000 this month and this month is barely a week old.
Yes, many people have told me they do not answer calls when they do not recognize the displayed number. As I do not remember, nor have memorized, almost anyone’s number, that doesn’t work for me. But, no, I do not answer every call but sometimes I decide to answer to see what I can get away with.
Whenever there is a Pakistani/India accent, I really have fun. A couple of years ago the voice said my uncle left a suitcase full of money in a Miami airport. He had to approve my identity and it would be mine. The voice kept trying to get me to answer questions and give information. I kept trying to get him to bring me the money. I offered to split the money with him if he did.
This went on for almost a half-hour with voice getting more and more frustrated. I continued to be more and more dumb and not understanding why I couldn’t get the money sent or brought to me. Finally, Mr. Pakistani became so frustrated he snapped. He screamed at me, “I am goin’ to come over there and keel you!” (Use your internal very foreign when reading that. ) Of course I apologized and began to question him about what was wrong. He hung upon me! Can you imagine?
You are not as old as I so you probably do not get the wonderful news about the wonderful savings you can get with your Medicard savings card. So far I haven’t either. The connection is usually cut when I answer “no” to the question, “Do you want to save money, etc.?” If I let the recording go on I start talking or singing. This is enough to have the automatic recorder cut me off. I really prefer live voices.
A couple of days ago one fella asked me a long question ending with if I wanted major savings on “something.” I said “No.” He continued and asked the question about a different savings. Being a life-long teacher, I asked him the proper question to fit the situation: “What part of “NO” do you not understand?” He hung up instantly.
Gosh, I thought I could help him better understand our native language.
A friend gave me a very good idea and it worked as I got to use it a couple of times. It seems a female voice called my friend. He complimented her, starting with her beautiful voice. He said he could tell she was pretty by just listening to her. Continuing his personal descriptions, he then asked, in his most smarmy voice, “What are you wearing?”
Female voice hung up immediately!
I have tried that but have not gotten as far as my friend. You know, I bet that voice never calls his number again –ever- and probably posts it on some “DO NOT call, list.
So, if you want to have fun and are not too busy, make up your own script and see how far you get. Turn the tables on these people who won’t find a real job and try to scam innocent people. Just this morning I made it only to two questions. The female voice hung up.
Oh, and yes, I answered a familiar telephone number and as I was raising the phone, my brain kicked in and I realized it was my own number!
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