Henryetta school board members are looking into saving money by removing florescent lights throughout the system and replacing them with LED lighting systems.
At a special board meeting Tuesday, representatives from Entegrity Energy company said the savings could be put back into the general fund for other school needs.
Board members were told there are some 27 florescent lighting fixtures in each room now and, even while they lights are turned off, electricity still posers the ballasts needed to operate them.
Entegrity proposed doing an audit of the total energy needs ranging from lighting to heating and air and replacing that equipment to more modern energy-efficient units.
Legislation has been passed five years ago that would allow the schools to finance the project over a maximum of 15 years.
“We are always replacing lights,” said school maintenance director Harold Fox. He pointed out that problems arise in classrooms where flickering lights cause problems with students concentrating on studies.
“The way times are nowadays, we need to think outside the box,” superintendent Dwayne Noble said. “There is no down side to it. It is a great way to spend our money better than on utility bills.”
Entegrity pointed out Public Service Company of Oklahoma will also work with the school on the project.
Board members will be looking at the costs and make a decision at a later board meeting.