Better prepare a hankie or two as I have sad news.  Those of you who still have memories (ahem ahem cough cough) will remember when my life revolved around Bees and Books. I even started a blog with that name but it became too much for my ADHD mind to handle along with the other blog that I haven't kept up and real life. I organized, shelved and kept current the book department at a nearby Salvation Army. It is very satisfying work as it wouldn't get done without my volunteer help. Every book sold is a little something for the S. A. to continue the good programs they do.
Then there are the bees. That is my other passion but it does not take up all my mental time. I suppose one could say it takes up what time that books doesn't. That is not entirely true either as I have four little guys I think of constantly. All the big kids have pretty much forgotten me as they have grown up and I haven't. I do still have three middle size small kids and 2.5 teenagers.. All but one old kid came to Bunny Cake Day and she was given an excused absence. When it comes time to write the will I review all such discrepancies.
So, here's the thing. Last autumn one hive absconded one night. They took no supplies with them so it wasn't like a swarm. No one I have talked to can explain it other than, “They do that sometimes." Then my biggest hive froze out after I had insulated the hive and after the coldest weather. Again: “They do that sometimes." To quote Charlie Brown, “AAARRRRGGGHHH!"
Ready? My last hive lost their queen. She either just died or they killed her or she just quit laying. Whatever the case, she is gone.
I moved the hive to the country at my brother-in-law's ranch and installed a new queen. It is too early to tell if she was accepted and things will go on. I hope to check on her just after I write this so I can make a positive report later. Then there were thousands of bees buzzing around the two leftover hives. I spent a long time trying to capture them as that has happened before and I incorporated the robbers with an established hive. Didn't happen this time. Two days effort lost.
Now for the book story and I have shortened it and cleaned it up - somewhat. The “Army" got a new Sergeant because there were no majors available to take over the stores in Tulsa. I was told, very soon after he arrived, that he was not happy with our store having so many books. At that time I/we were having a problem getting books from the warehouse to fill the shelves in the retail part of the store. Things got better for a little while after i invented a form to fax over and “they" would know what to fill. That did not last long. Our deliveries got worse.
The Sergeant came brisling through one day and snarled in a loud voice, “Well, I see you still have that library!" He had not seen me until after he made his pronouncement but I doubt it would have mattered. I have been working there since '09 and when he did see me, he ignored me and did not look directly at me. He is the administrator in charge of retail in the Tulsa stores and he pointedly ignored a steady volunteer of 5 1/2 years. One who is even the December Santa.
Recently he came in, could not ignore me, gave me a perfunctory hand shake and started walking away. I needed to know where the book department fit into his plans so I asked a question. He tried to turn a conversation into an argument. He could not explain what he wanted as he knows zippidy-do-dah about selling books and what customers like. There are many regular customers who like the organization and arrangement I have been able to create and maintain. Until last week.
Sergeant informed the manager and ass't manager that all the books would be put out. Take everything off the shelves and replace them with the ones in back. There are no longer any books waiting to be put out but twice a week a tub 5longx4widex4deep arrives overloaded with books. All must be placed out which means that many have to be sent back. Most have not even been opened. That plus the books are completely mixed up with no order. He said to do it that way: "Because I said so." Big surprise, selling books is not like selling pizzas or hamburgers.
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