Henryettan Easton Swallow is making a name for himself in the golf world. Not bad for a player who is only seven years old and, by the way, says he has, “been playing all his life.”easton
The son of Ryan and Christin Swallow was named the Fall Tour Player of the Year after finishing first in the US Kids Tulsa Fall Tour. Easton, a first grader at Henryetta elementary, was the top golfer in seven out of eight tournaments that started August 11 and ended October 20.
Each of his first place wins gave him 30 points that put him nearly double the points garnered by his second place opponent from Tulsa.
Those wins were in nine-hole tournaments at Indian Springs, LaFortune Park, South Lakes, Page Belcher, Broken Arrow, Battle Creek and Muskogee golf courses. 
His best round was two over at Page Belcher and even par at South Lakes with four other wins in the single digits as well.
When not in the tournaments, the young wannabe pro burns up the course at Henryetta playing with his dad at least once a week.
“I am proud of him. This is a game he has fallen in love with,” said his father, the Henryetta high school softball coach.
Eaton uses a child’s set of golf clubs now which is an improvement over the plastic toy set he was given when he was two years old.
As far as the future, he said he wants to be like his hero, Tiger Woods. That might not be too much of a stretch since Tiger also started playing the sport when he was two years old also.