Dewar school district voters will be looking at a couple of bond questions on the Feb. 11 ballot this year.
This past week, the school board authorized two bond issues, one for $85,000, and the other for $240,000 to be placed before the voters.
The $85,000 bond issue is divided into three parts: $30,000 for the addition of security improvements throughout all the buildings; $30,000 for installation of a watering system at the baseball and softball fields and $25,000 to buy a school-owned vehicle.
Superintendent Todd Been said the security system is needed and would add video cameras to three building and a keypad security entry system.
The school is wanting to buy a new drivers education car to replace the one that currently has over 100,000 miles on it.
Installation of a new watering system at the softball and baseball fields would eliminate the need for coaches and players to use heavy hoses on each, Been explained.
Proposition two is asking for $240,000 to purchase three air conditioned busses for the students.
The superintendent said, if approved, the school would purchases three buses, one a 70-passenger, another holding 50 passengers and a smaller one with a 25-passenger capacity.
If approved, the bonds would have a ten-year coverage at an interest rate not to exceed ten percent annually. The bond cost would be added to the property taxes in the district.