During a special ceremony Monday night, senior members of the HHS powerlifting, cheer and basketball teams were honored.  

Austin Gouge: Son of Tom and Tonya Gouge. Brother of Renee and Steven Gouge. Grandson of Audie and Carolyn Cole, and the late Tom and Lilly Gouge. He has played football for 4 years and powerlifting for 4 years. He plans to go to college and become a football coach. Weston Thomas: Son of Michael and Angie Thomas. Brother of Austin Thomas. Grandson of Francis Smith and Bill Joe and Dixie Thomas. He has played football for 4 years, Powerlifting 4 years, and NHS 2 years. He plans to go to college at au and pursue a career in Petroleum Engineering.
Kameron Sisson: Son of Erick and Annette Sisson. Brother of Krystian and Kelsey Sisson. Grandson of Sue Harmon, Todd and Diane Groff, Roger and Karen Sisson. He has played football for 4 years and powerlifting 4 years. His future plans are to eat big, lift big, and get big.
Cameron Slyconish: Son of Brad and Kim Slyconish. Brother of Drayton and Kaily Slyconish. Grandson of Toni Johnson, Marsha Ramsey, and the late Toego Randall. He has played football 4 years, powerlifting 4 years, track 4 years" NHS 2 years, and wrestling 1 year. He plans to go to college and study strength and conditioning and then own his own personal gym.
Logan Whitlock: Son of Greg and Winter Whitlock. Grandson of Aster and Bob Whitlock, Frank and Kathryn Shurden, Ed and Chiquita Hancock. He has played football for 4 years, basketball for 3 years, baseball for 2 years, and powerlifting for 1 year.

Derrek Allcock: The son of Mellissa Allcock and retired NFL player, Jarrod Cooper. Grandson of Jack and Rene Cantrell, and Beth and Jimmie Potter. He has been in band 4 years, football 2 years, Golf 2 years, and powerlifting 1 year. He plans to continue to cheer while in college at either Oklahoma City University or Connors State College to study Physical Therapy and Sports Training.
Ava Gold: Daughter of Floyd and Melanie Gold. Sister of Quinton and Garrison Gold. Granddaughter of Jeannie Ingram and the late Sonny Neal, the late Randy Ingram, the late Donna Gold, Glenn and Dianne Gold and honorary grandparents: Steve and Gwyn Hubbert. She plans to continue her education at OSUIT and pursue a nursing degree.

Lady Knights Basketball:
Autumn Blackbear: Daughter of Farrel and Twyla Blackbear. Sister of Makayla, Raven and Madelyn Blackbear and brother, Ira Blackbear. Granddaughter of James and Delores Mosquito, Rex Blackbear, and Thomasine Long. She has played basketball for 4 years, fast pitch and slow pitch softball for 4 years. She plans to go to college and get her bachelor's degree in nursing.
Kaylie Hamric: Daughter of Seth and Roberta Hamric. Sister of Aundrea, Tayler, and Keegan Hamric. Granddaughter of Walter and Morelba Lewis, and the late Irene Lewis, Brian and Dee Todd and the late Larry Hamric. She has played basketball 4 years, fast pitch and slow pitch softball 4 years, cheer 3 years, and NHS 2 years. She plans to attend a 4 year university while playing basketball and pursuing a bachelor's in nursing.
Kimberlee Fowler: Daughter of Tammy and Rich Wallace, and Kevin and Katie Fowler. The sister of Kadien, Charlie, Samuel, Patience, and Tristin. Granddaughter of Kim and Dennis Fowler, and Pam and Bobby Roper. She has played basketball for 4 years, softball for 2 years, NHS for 2 years, s~nior class president, and worked at the school daycare for 2 years. She plans  to go to college and play basketball while earning her bachelor's degree in Sonography.
Emily Smith: Daughter of Dennis and Michelle Smith, sister of Nicholas Smith. Granddaughter of Montey and Carol Broome and the late Carolyn Smith, Jeff and Cathy Owen and the late Ken Likouslki. She has played basketball for 3 years, Fast pitch for 3 years, slow pitch for 4 years, NHS 2 years, and Cheer 2 years. She plans to attend college at Rogers State and transfer to OSU to obtain her doctorate in medicine.
Elizabeth Harris: Daughter of Linda and Monte Harris Jr. the sister of Monte Harris III. The granddaughter of Donna and Monte Harris Sr. She has played basketball for 3 years and softball for 3 years. She plans to go to college and become a nurse.
Sarah Dawn Scott: the daughter of Jacqueline Scott and Michael Scott. The sister of Tamera, Tala, Raelynn, La Vonda. And niece of Susie Deo. Granddaughter of Amy Hill and Luke Flynn. She has been playing basketball 1 year. She plans to attend college and earn a degree.
Andrew Morris: Son of Summer Morris. Brother of Allison Morris. Grandson of Rick and Laura Morris. He has played baseball 4 years, Football manage 4 years, and basketball manager 4 years. He plans to go to OSU-IT and become an architect.
Allison Aguilar: Daughter of Cheryl and Marc Aguilar. The sister of Aiden, Anthony,'and Ashlyn Aguilar. The granddaughter of carol and Danny Davis and the late Janie and Tony Aguilar. She has been basketball manager for 4 years, cross country manager 2 years, and track manager} years. She plans to go to nursing school.

Knights Basketball:
Jean Pixler: Son of Jeremy and Desiree Jenkins and John Pixler. The brother of Colby and Shelby Jenkins, Riley, Tayton, Aiden Pixler. The grandson of the late Marilyn Hall, Seth and Katie Merrill. He has played basketball 2 years, and baseball 4 years. He plans to go to college to become and coach and continue a life with Bailey Davis.
Tayten Fixico: Son of Christina Tiger and the late Thomas Dale Fixico. Brother of Kyla Fixico, Karissa Tiger, Payton and Caebyn Grauberger, and Corbyn Sulphur. The grandson of the late Rosalie Deerinwater, Faye Holata and the late George Fixico, and the late Joyce Hale and Philip Deere and my special papa, Tracy. He has played basketball for 4 years and baseball for 2 years.
Quinton Story: Son of Steve and Tammy Story. Brother of Nicki Story. Grandson of Joe Ritter and the late Arthur Ritter, the late Paul and Edna Roberts. He plans to attend OSUIT and start a fishing team. He also plans on getting bachelor's degree in Natural Science and help show others how great the outdoors can be. He wants to be a Skeeter Boats Pro team member and fish professionally.
Joey Watson: Son of Joe and Brooke Watson. Brother of Kaylee and Tucker Watson. Grandson of Cliff and Sherre Watson. And Chelsa Rouell. Has been playing basketball for 4 years, Fishing 5 years, and FF A 3 years. His future plans are to go to school for auto and body works and fish at the college level and then go Pro.