Several appointments were made Tuesday night and the coronavirus discussed at the Henryetta city council meeting.
Jennifer Mulholland was named to represent the council at negotiations between the firefighters’ and Fraternal Order of Police contract negotiations for the coming fiscal year. She had been a member of that negotiations plane for several years.
Council members approved appointment of Caroline Barado and Barbara Beymer to the Henryetta library board. Both will serve five year terms.
Todd Groff and David Bullard were reappointed to the planning and zoning board for three year terms each. The resignation of Pam Bealko from that same board was also approved.
Council members gave the bid to Grass Grabbers for mowing of city parks and lots as well as weed lots for the coming year.
An existing ordinance dealing with manufactured homes was amended. That ordinance now requires any manufactured home to be new construction and not having been previously owned or occupied.
The HOTT trails south of Henryetta are becoming more and more popular but that has led to thefts of money from the box at the trail head. Mulholland said the box has been, “hit three or four times and they are getting more creative” in the way thieves are breaking into it. This month the city got $265 from the suggested $5 donation paid by those using HOTT.
Work is getting ready to start on the new storm drain that will alleviate flooding along East Main. Already the large drainage pipes are in and some more equipment is expected to arrive soon. “We are in the rainy season<‘ Mulholland said.
She urged people to self quarantine as much as possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Henryetta. Her remarks can be found HERE.
Harry Patel and Saqib Anwar from the Henryetta Hospitality LLC and Henryetta Travel Center LLC and motel planned for west of town were on hand but there was no action taken.
Mulholland said the delay in getting the lease signed over was because land has never been platted. “There is no way to designate what property will be given,” she said.
“it’s done its a matter of the council approving. We need to get the legal descriptions.”
The two said they were not notified that the matter was not on the council agenda.
More about the motel and travel center can be found HERE.