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For the second time in two years, a hole has opened up on the interstate 40 bridge spanning Fourth Street.
The nearly two-foot wide hole burst into being late Sunday afternoon when a semi drove across the roadway. Chunks of concrete, some as much as ten inches wide and three inches thick were scattered along the roadway.
Henryetta police and fire crews were called to block off the westbound traffic lane until ODOT workers could get on the scene.
The gaping hope was just about two feet away from a spot where an opening appeared about two years ago.
In both cases, chunks of concrete dropped through the roadway onto the side of Fourth Street.
No damage was reported to any vehicles.
The bridge over Fourth Street is one of several scheduled to be repaired or replaced in the next year. ODOT officials said work will be underway between the two Henryetta exits. One bridge, that spanning the now-abandoned railroad tracks, will be removed.
The bridges were built when the interstate was opened in the mid-1960s. Only repair work has been done on the road surface since then.