A Henryetta woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon following a high-speed chase that stretched from Henryetta to the Clearview exit on I-40 then back to the Pharaoh junction.
pursuitAccording to Henryetta police chief Steve Norman, Sally Parkhurst was the driver of a Dodge Durango that police tried to stop for a traffic violation. She was said to have sped away getting on the Interstate heading west. With police in pursuit the vehicle continued until reaching the Clearview exit where she was said to have left the interstate and got onto US 62 heading back east.
Police were able to set up a roadblock at the Pharaoh junction but Parkhurst turned south on US 75. At this time police officers performed a low speed PIT maneuver that spun the Durango and surrounded the vehicle.
“She got out of the vehicle and surrendered to the officers,” Norman said. He went on to say that three small children were in the vehicle, two in child seats and one secured with a seatbelt. “Officers did not know there were children in the car,” Norman said. “They couldn’t see the children because of their size and the dark tint to the vehicle windows.” A representative from the Department of Human Services took custody of the children.
At one point during the pursuit, Parkhurst is alleged to have tried to drive head on into another vehicle.
When officer searched the Dodge, they said they found a quantity of a controlled dangerous substance.
Norman said the woman was taken to the Okmulgee County jail on a number of complaints.