Dear Henryetta Citizen,
If you are a registered voter living within the city limits of Henryetta, you are eligible to vote on the renewal of the PSO electric franchise. The election will be held from 7am until 7pm on Tuesday, June 9, and you will vote at your regular voting location.
A franchise with PSO gives us permission to use the streets and alleys to provide electric service to you. In return, PSO remits to the City of Henryetta a monthly franchise fee that totaled approximately $90,000 in 2014. The City of Henryetta also saves on street lighting costs through a special municipal street lighting rate available only to those communities that have a PSO electric franchise. Those street lighting savings amounted to almost $59,000 in 2014. PSO also paid more than $529,000 in Okmulgee County property taxes in 2014.
PSO continues to invest in enhancing service reliability in Henryetta. We have spent more than $200,000 in the past year on tree management and hardening our electric system to improve the reliability of our electric service in Henryetta and to mitigate the potential damage from ice and wind.
In addition, PSO makes other financial and in-kind contributions in the community including recent donations to the Henryetta Chamber of Commerce, Henryetta Economic Development Authority, City of Henryetta, Henryetta Historical Society, and Henryetta Public Schools.
PSO is proud to have provided electricity to Henryetta since 1927 and we look forward to doing so for many years to come. Please take the time to vote YES on Tuesday, June 9, for the renewal of the PSO electric franchise in Henryetta.
Thank you,
Frank Phillips
PSO Community Affairs Manager