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Retail sales in Henryetta were slightly ahead of last year according to the latest sales tax check from the state.
The May sales tax check amounted to $305,401.82, a gain of $3,929 from a year ago. It is the third time since January Henryetta has been in the plus column.
At the same time, the Henryetta share of use tax money was less than a year ago. This May the city received $36,950, a drop of $12,643 from last May and the third consecutive month that showed a decline.
Neighboring Dewar had a slight increase with $18,298 compared to $16,959 last May.
Okmulgee had the largest gain in sales for May. The city received $746,324. That was a $12,993 increase from a year ago.
The county’s share of sales tax revenues amounted to $542,893 compared to $518,891 last year. It was only $300 above the sales tax check in May of 2021.
Statewide, $203,550,625 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $7,409,382 from last May.


 Town  2023  2022  Gain/Loss
Henryetta $305,401.82 $301,472.48 $9,929.34
Dewar $18,298.42 $16,959.97 $1,338.45
Beggs $49,887.73 $44,186.80 $5,700.93
Checotah $448,479.55 $457,193.08 -$8,713.53
Eufaula $250,298.99 $239,292.94 $11,006.05
Morris $27,855.48 $31,351.12 -$3,495.64
Okmulgee $746,324.91 $733,331.68 $12,993.23
Okemah $124,277.79 $119,587.20 $4,690.59
Weleetka $17,298.42 $21,305.97 -$3,928.69