brian johnson
The bag man in the July 4 Bristow Wal-Mart robbery has been identified as Bryan Jervante Johnson and is being sought by the OSBI.
Johnson, 22, is alleged to have been the man dressed in a black polo shirt, black best and baseball hat who received per $70,000 store deposit posing as a Loomis armored car employee.
According to the OSBI Tuesday, Johnson was said to have been taken to the Tulsa bus station by Rico Robertson who was the store manager at the time of the theft. Johnson is facing a felony charge of conspiracy to commit a felony. He is also wanted in California for several robberies and a shooting.
Robertson's wife, Monica, is also facing the conspiracy charge and, according to the OSBI, she lives in Okmulgee. She was arrested Tuesday afternoon.
The theft happened when a man walked into the Wal-Mart store and was met by the assistant manager. OSBI sources say he was taken to the cash office and received the deposit amounting to over $70,000. The store manager, Rico Robertson is alleged to have planned the robbery. His step-daughter, Mariah Bustamonte, is said to have driven Johnson to the store then helped him get away after picking up the money. Both Robertson and Bustamonte were arrested in late July.