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For the fourth time since January and the second consecutive month in the current fiscal year, Henryetta’s sales tax check was less than last year.
The September distribution of sales tax money amounted to $291,596.08 this year, a drop of $8,577 from last year. June’s check from the state was the only one in the current fiscal year that was above the previous year and only by $4,050. The city operates on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year basis.
A bright note did accompany the state report with Henryetta’s use tax check this month for $36,255, an increase of $6,978 from a year ago.
Sales tax revenue is based on July business.
The drop in sales tax revenue was not restricted to just Henryetta.
Similar declines were felt by Beggs, down $6,535, Checotah, down $4,133, Morris, down $6,029, Okmulgee, down $11,288 and Weleetka, down $827.
Okmulgee County’s sales tax collections continued to show an increase. This month the county received $496,557.02. That was a $6,106 gain from last year and the eighth consecutive month with increases from $2022.
Statewide, $200,587,224 in sales tax collections went back to cities and towns reflecting an increase of $1,205,740 from the $199,381,484 distributed to them in September last year.

 Town  2023  2022  Gain/Loss
Henryetta $291,596.08 $300,173.72 -$8,577.64
Dewar $14,015.37 $13,109.25 $906.12
Beggs $41,454.10 $47,989.65 -$6,535.55
Checotah $447,656.99 $451,790.34 -$4,133.35
Eufaula $293,246.73 $241,426.53 $51,820.20
Morris $20,687.39 $26,716.59 -$6,029.20
Okmulgee $666,462.33 $677,750.71 -$11,288.38
Okemah $143,233.88 $129,559.88 $13,674.00
Weleetka $19,123.89 $19,951.62 -$827.73